WED: No Doom, No Gloom


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sorry. Finding things tough at the moment without WiFi. Should be up and running by Monday. So just one for today;

Daily Three

1. I’m all registered at my doctors and somehow it feels like everything is right with the world.

2. I was given a £7 voucher from Starbucks. I dropped the company an email because i’ve found the service a little inconsistent (cold coffee, no filter available, a very messy caramel Mach). I didn’t want anything other than a warm cup of coffee the next time I went in. Now I’ve gotten enough for 3 filter coffees.

3. I watched BoRhap with my dad. I learnt more about my dad, his views and even a little bit about my own life in this one viewing than anything else in my life. From fashion, the fears of people at the outbreak of HIV/Aids and what he thought of Freddie. ”He had such an amazing personality. A charisma and a character that no one else had. Taken way too young. He’d only just gotten started.”

⁃ Then the bit that hit me right in the emotions. My dad told me during the final scene that my mum was in hospital and watched all of Live Aid, having just had major surgery removing a fibroid from her womb to save my life. I don’t know how well my father has remembered it, but I like the thought that Live Aid helped with ‘our’ recovery.

Sun: Not all Doom and Gloom


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Just a solo post again this evening. To read the full post, head here. This evening’s article highlights how an inclusive society can bring so much joy.

Buzz, 23, had been refused by a number of tattoo artists. His autism had, some might say, rightly put them off. Concerns were expressed that the noise and the pain would be too much for Buzz and that he would not be able to sit through the session required to give him the tattoo he wanted. They are professionals and even I have been refused service for some of the tattoo ideas I’ve had. I’m sure I don’t need to remind people of the disaster that was the woman who claimed that she asked for one star on her face only to be met with a constellation that she “slept” through.

Inkorporated, a tattoo parlor in Washington, came to the rescue and offered their services. They explained that they too agreed with others; that the sound and pain may not allow Buzz to sit through the whole process. However, they said it was at least worth a try. After all: Buzz had wanted a tattoo since he was little and would put on the temporary ones on.

All you have to do is see Buzz’s smile to realise that it was just a chance that was needed. Someone who would challenge expectations.

Daily Three

1. A friend got in touch to tell me they rely enjoy reading my blog.

2. I made a kick ass dinner for me and my dad

3. I bought mince pie flavoured peanut butter today. Will let you know how it tastes.

love Han x

Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu


Devoted is quite possibly the most difficult read I’ve ever experienced. It’s expertly written and contained wonderful, well rounded and well intended, characters to compliment a complex and compelling story.

However, it really held me ransom and I had to take a few pauses and even considered abandoning it completely at one point. Again, this is actually a testament to the writer. Mathieu has, again, created something real and emotive.

It just so happens that while I have a love of books like Book of Fire and The Special One’s that contain a cult-like society, I found devoted, being one rooted within a real religion, so unbelievably frightening. There were certain fears I had about the progression of the plot and that the book would send an anti-religion message. I think my fear came from the thought that this plot is so real in parts of the world.

I’m happy to say, the message I wanted was made very clear. It’s the first contemporary book I’ve read in a long time that has had me question the world in which we live in. My main reason for not abandoning the book was that I felt I had a duty to not leave Rachel with her family. I felt overwhelmed and trapped within the narrative, just as she did.

Mathieu’s writing helped me moved past my own weakness and I felt like I was supporting Rachel on her journey. I loved the romantic sub plot between Rachel and Mark. More so that there was no rush to tell their story within the confines of the novel. I’ve been inspired, they’re now part of me and I will spend some time considering their blossoming friendship and perhaps romance.

Love Han x

Not all Doom and Gloom


From the Feeds

This first post is about inclusivity and how easy it can be.

Next up is this novel approach to how to read Fahrenheit 451.

Next is a story about Joe Manganeillo letting his geekness hang out with pride in order to bring joy to a hospital in America.

Daily Three

1. I’ve sorted out the internet and gotten a better deal. I’ve got to wait four more days, but I can cope with that.

2. I gave the kitchen a proper good clean and made spaghetti bolognese.

3. There have been so many little things that have made me smile today; from a blogger who is offering a proof to disadvantaged teens to the Starbucks barista who let me know I was able get a free refill on my coffee. But, the biggest little joy was the fact that there is a job going as an education officer in the Beatle’s Story. Well, if that isn’t a job made for me, I don’t know what is.

No Doom, No Gloom- my Daily Three


Just the Daily Three today

1. I did lots of sorting, binning and organising. It’s a long slog, but I think I’m finally at the point where everything has a place.

2. I’ve been able to send off my carer’s application. Again, another hard slog, but its getting there.

3. I am ending the night with Desperate Housewives. Such an amazing show.

Sorry I haven’t compiled the articles today. I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Sleep well

Han x

Monday No Doom, No Gloom


From the Feeds

Solo post for today is a heartwarming story about the longest surviving kidney transplant recipient.

Daily Three

1. We now have smoke alarms

2. There was the most gorgeous toddler in Starbucks today. She came up to my table and smiled at me and giggled. There is literally nothing better than a smile.

3. My gorgeous and beautiful friend who runs a book subscription company made sure my next subscription is coming to the right address instead of being lost in London. It’s simple things like a message that makes a person a little more… Seen.

No Doom, No Gloom


From the Feeds

It’s been a busy day on my Facebook for NDNG. Perhaps I was in more of a need for it after waking up to news about an explosion in Paris. But nevertheless, here’s some of the best from the feeds.

First is Mike and his mission to end loneliness in the older generation.

Next is a concept that will be amazing and something that should be adopted nationwide, if not abused and vandalised by the general public.

Finally, just a picture I found during my scrolling. Really hit home and made me think.

Daily Three

1. I went to the Vale and had my first pork roll in what feels like forever. Comes with stuffing and crackling. What’s not to love?

2. Book Post! Got to love the book post.

3. Was a nice afternoon snuggling with the cats, while my dad slept away. Yes, the documentary on in the background was a little annoying, but on the most part I drowned it out.

No doom no gloom


From the Feeds

Just one today. A woman after my own heart, getting to express herself after a lifetime of following social norms. Just look at her face…

Daily Three

1. We’ve ran out of sugar. That might seem like a negative, but hang on with me on this. Growing up my dad would obsessively stock pile items. Some things, like toilet rolls sort of made sense; they don’t exactly go off do they?! Others were mind boggling; baked beans! We never fucking ate baked beans yet we had enough supply to feed a small army. The one that stuck the test of time was sugar. Two bags, every week. It’s quite bitter sweet to have discovered today that firstly, there’s no god damn sugar for my tea. But secondly, my dad is rather nonplussed about the whole thing.

2. I had a very dear friend suggest the above article. It was so incredibly wonderful to wake up to a message about no doom, no gloom. It’s working; it’s not just me now pausing and making a point of drawing attention to them.

3. I went to see BoRhap as a sing-a-long. I went with two sisters who hadn’t seen it and it makes me happy to know they loved it. The most heart warming part of the evening though was the final 20 minutes in which everyone in the room sang. Oh, it gave me a little, tiny taste of what it must have been like at Live Aid.

Happy Friday

Han x

No doom no gloom


From the feeds

It’s a bit of a bumper addition today.

Daily Three

Not going to lie, I feel a little low today. Nothing in particular triggered it, I’m fully medicated and it’s a little early for my PMS. It’s just something that happens occasionally; I feel like the world is a little off.

1 I made a fritatta and it was, well it looked a bit grey but that was the mushrooms. It tasted amazing and got a thumbs up from my dad.

2 I finished my third book of the year and started a book that’s in the Buffy universe.

3 Watched DS9 and it was Dr Bashir focused (sort of).

Good night

Han x

Once & Future


By Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

“This time, Excalibur chooses her.”

I finally watched Merlin last year. Yes, the BBC version that ended forever ago. Ever since I’ve been hooked on all things Arthurian. When given details about Once & Future, I audiably gasped. This was the book I had always wanted, yet didn’t know I needed.

What I loved most of all was the fact that this was not just a straight retelling; in more ways than one. Yes, its gender bent but with the added element of reincarnation. It was something that reminded me about a play I’d seen in the Globe in which the King in charge of the Crusades was given a second chance and the oportunity not to make the same mistake twice.


Having Arthur as a woman seems a quick and easy way to put a new book out there. However, it adds so much more to the richness of the tale than that. Ari is not just a gender bent icon. She’s her own person first, with a back story to make anyone weep. She’ll steal your heart and mend your soul while giving you grief.

It’s Merlin’s arrival that brings me the most joy. He is a beautiful character and, for me, the scene stealer from his first arrival. His predicament, his old soul and waining hope is everything you need to wish you were at his side.

Gwen and the knights are stunningly original and powerfully rich in prophesy and lolyalty. You couldn’t have a story without them. Each character is given development, humour and heart.


The story is hot, sexy and unapologicetcally cool. Representation is accounted for, not in some PC checkbox excercise but something so very organic and meaningful. No one is given a label without purpose. Correction, no one is given a label. Gender and sexuality is so freely represented and commented upon that it will keep me, and any reader, happy for many months to come.

The only thing that makes me more intregied is the books final act reveal that will very much change how this organic social structure is considered in the sequel. Something I am very excited to get to.


The writing is flawlessly engaging. Drama, emotion and action are all presented in smooth and clear ways that will have the reader begging for the follow up the second they finish this first installment.