Suburban Gothic

Rating 15
Length 1h30
Release 19.07.2014
Director Richard Bates Jnr
About An unemployed man who can talk to supernatural beings joins forces with a bartender to hunt down a vengeful ghost that has been terrifying their town.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Free with Ads on Amazon Prime


  • It’s really clunky for such a run time. It’s almost as if they only had enough story for a short, so added lots of filler to get to the official run time of ‘a movie’
  • In fact, what it does feel like? A rejected pilot. Which is really quite sad, because I would have watched the shit out of that show.
  • Kat Dennings is the the saving grace of the film. The issue? She’s not in it nearly as much as she should be.


  • The aforementioned Kat Dennings. I’m not entirely sure she’s ever acting and, instead, offering up herself in whoever she plays. That said, I do not care. She’s awesome, she improves a film 1000%.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler is perfect for this role and scenes with Dennings just give him a spotlight to shine. It really is just a shame that they’re both bogged down with a raft of ‘other’ that makes the film hard to engage with.

Final Thoughts

I liked the attempted story, just not the execution.


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