The 10 O’Clock No Doom, No Gloom

From the Feeds

First up is this post that has an adopt, don’t shop message at its heart. It’s lovely to see a cat that would normally be over looked given a home.

This second post is from the wonderful buzzfeed who have compiled 17 good deeds that will leave you feeling uplifted.

Daily Three

1. I woke up to discover that BoRhap and the beautiful Rami Malek have won Golden Globes. It bodes well for Rami, and the film, being at the very least being nominated for the OSCARS. I’m hoping this means i’ll get to see the amazing Joe Mazzello on the red carpet in yet another hot suit.

2. I made Scouse. I made a big fat pan of Scouse; it smelt amazing, it tasted amazing… and I watched an episode of ’You’ while I did it too.

3. I spent a few hours in Starbucks. I got my filter coffee and settled down and got some work done. I was doing really well… Until the place got busy.

Bonus. I took time to go through my photos today and it meant I found some lovely pictures of Casca and Cassius:

Good night

Han x

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