The 10 O’Clock No Doom, No Gloom

From the Feeds

First off is this adorable post which sees a photographer setting up a real life Sylvania Family in his back garden.

Second up is the news about amazing Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda and other creatives from the award winning play who bought a drama book shop in order to stop it from closing.

Final no doom, no gloom of the day is an uplifting post from Bradford which announces a new documentary about a young female cricket team.

Daily Three

1 I feel happy. I know that’s not an event or something tangible, but damn it’s a feeling I don’t notice without it being triggered. It’s nice to have that feeling of happy without anything specific causing it.

2 second day Scouse for lunch. Just brilliant.

3 Every day the house gets tidier. The washing is almost all done and my things are almost all packed away. Then… I’ll have nothing to distract me from writing.

Good night

Han x

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