Hotel Artemis (2018)

Rating 15

Length 1Hr 35

Release 20.7.2018

About As rioting rocks Los Angeles in the year 2028, disgruntled thieves make their way to Hotel Artemis — a 13-story, members-only hospital for criminals. It’s operated by the Nurse, a no-nonsense, high-tech healer who already has her hands full with a French assassin, an arms dealer and an injured cop. As the violence of the night continues, the Nurse must decide whether to break her own rules and confront what she’s worked so hard to avoid.

The Good

It’s a brilliant cast that work well together. The partnership between Jodi Foster and Dave Bastista is so good, I didn’t even care that Jeff Goldblum was in it even though he was the reason for watching. Star Trek Alumni, Zachary Quinto, playing a ‘soft’ bad guy after scaring me with his superhero villain in Heroes made for an interesting watch.

Charlie Day. Charlie Day, as in Horrible Bosses biggest pussy, plays the ultimate entitled knob and someone to fear. I never thought it possible after all of his typecast roles. It was rather refreshing to see this change and I definitely heard him before I recognised him.

The narrative cantering around advanced medical tech and dark houses for criminals is twisted in such an amazing way. I have so many questions and I want to explore the world. How does the 1% live?

It feels like an episode of Black Mirror on steroids; a potential future and an allegorical warning.

The Bad

The sub plot involving the brothers and the pen safe was a little under developed. Why would you fear someone who is in need of critical care and doesn’t know you have the damn thing you stole? A simple line establishing that there’s a locator inside the pen would have been enough. As it stands it’s a disconnected thread that makes a rather intelligent character seem very stupid.

How does Nice, played by Sofia Boutella, know her target will end up at Hotel Artemis? It’s heavily implied that they are already in the building but it’s not the case. It’s having a muddled narrative like this that stops it being the smart thriller it should be.

The Ugly

What the hell is it with Jodie Foster and flash backs?! They just don’t do it for me and I hate the blank stare that Foster gives to establish the start and end. I certainly think reducing the number of flashbacks or getting rid altogether would improve things.

Final Thoughts

It’s a gritty, messy thriller that you should watch instead of Blade Runner.

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