Changeland (2019)

Rating 15

Length 1Hr 26

Release 7.6.2019

About While a troubled man goes through a personal crisis, he meets up with his estranged friend in Thailand.

The Good

  • The chemistry between Seth Green and Breckin Meyer is what makes this movie such a compelling watch. There’s a tension between them, having become estranged, but they are able to talk about it on an emotional level: something I find refreshing.
  • I identified with Seth Green’s Brandon on so many levels. At first I couldn’t pin point what it was, after all I’ve not been married… but as the film progressed you are presented with a man who is unfulfilled in his life, frustrated at settling and perhaps in the midst of a depression. His sadness is so well presented by Green that it’s almost tangible.
  • There’s almost a spiritual quality to the film. There’s a direct draw of this from the exploration of Buddhism, the culture and some practices but it’s more than that. Brandon is on a journey of self discovery and almost a rediscovery of his own identity. While the film hits some sad notes, it’s overall tone and feel is very uplifting.
  • There’s some amazing cameos in this movie; Macaulay Culkin provides a charming mad rabbit tour guide and WWE wrestler Randy Orton plays an almost etherial tequila sprite who takes a platonic shine to Brandon on his final evening in Thailand. The scene in which Martin insists to the local that Brandon is ‘the one’ will be a moment of clarity for anyone watching. It’s beautiful and humbling.
  • This film could have been pretentious and soulless, however Seth Green’s directing debut is heartfelt and sincere.

The Bad

  • I personally am frustrated by the ending. I know it’s deliberate, but I need to know what happens. I need to know that he did the right thing. Some will like the open ending and feel as if they have some ownership of the ending and it does get you to consider his options.

The Ugly

  • While I like how the two characters respond to the assumptions that they’re a couple, I found some of the initial attempts at humour regarding sexuality a little crass, old hat and I’ll fitting for an otherwise solid movie.

Final Thoughts

It’s a film for the soul and a sweet exploration of Male friendships in adult life.

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