Pretty in Pink (1986)

Length: 1Hr 37

Rating: 15

Release: 25.4.1986


Worst description of this movie was found on IMBD: A poor girl must choose between the affections of dating her childhood sweetheart or a rich but sensitive playboy.

The Good

  • Both Andrew McCarthy and James Spader are their 80s charming and bad boy selves respectively.
  • Annie Potts is just beautiful as the punk rebel who beats to her own drum.
  • The music is a glorious nostalgia trip.

The Bad

  • The film works around too many scenes in which Andie converses with only one other character. It feels very disjointed, slow and inanimate.
  • What happens to the best mate we don’t see after the volleyball game? I hate characters that are used as plot devices. Where was she at prom?

The Ugly

  • The dress! She had two beautiful dresses and made one extra ugly, shapeless one. Jesus! I loath the dress and that dress making scene.
  • Duckie. Fuck me, he takes up too much of this film, he’s a selfish fucker and a very bad friend. I spend every moment of him being on screen wanting to punch him in his toxic narcissistic face. When we get two, very lame, excuses for dates between Andi and Blaine it’s hard to not feel resentment for the extensive time spent with such an unlikeable character.
  • The lack of Andi/Blaine. Okay, so perhaps the film is more about a rite of passage for Andi, but the romance is a big part of it. I need to believe it and I just, well I just don’t.

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