No Doom, No Gloom

From the Feeds

It’s been a busy day on my Facebook for NDNG. Perhaps I was in more of a need for it after waking up to news about an explosion in Paris. But nevertheless, here’s some of the best from the feeds.

First is Mike and his mission to end loneliness in the older generation.

Next is a concept that will be amazing and something that should be adopted nationwide, if not abused and vandalised by the general public.

Finally, just a picture I found during my scrolling. Really hit home and made me think.

Daily Three

1. I went to the Vale and had my first pork roll in what feels like forever. Comes with stuffing and crackling. What’s not to love?

2. Book Post! Got to love the book post.

3. Was a nice afternoon snuggling with the cats, while my dad slept away. Yes, the documentary on in the background was a little annoying, but on the most part I drowned it out.

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