No doom no gloom

From the Feeds

Just one today. A woman after my own heart, getting to express herself after a lifetime of following social norms. Just look at her face…

Daily Three

1. We’ve ran out of sugar. That might seem like a negative, but hang on with me on this. Growing up my dad would obsessively stock pile items. Some things, like toilet rolls sort of made sense; they don’t exactly go off do they?! Others were mind boggling; baked beans! We never fucking ate baked beans yet we had enough supply to feed a small army. The one that stuck the test of time was sugar. Two bags, every week. It’s quite bitter sweet to have discovered today that firstly, there’s no god damn sugar for my tea. But secondly, my dad is rather nonplussed about the whole thing.

2. I had a very dear friend suggest the above article. It was so incredibly wonderful to wake up to a message about no doom, no gloom. It’s working; it’s not just me now pausing and making a point of drawing attention to them.

3. I went to see BoRhap as a sing-a-long. I went with two sisters who hadn’t seen it and it makes me happy to know they loved it. The most heart warming part of the evening though was the final 20 minutes in which everyone in the room sang. Oh, it gave me a little, tiny taste of what it must have been like at Live Aid.

Happy Friday

Han x

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