10 o’clock

On the Feeds

First up is a post about the beautiful and underrated black cat. Often black cats, and tuxedo cats, get abandoned and left in shelters because misconceptions.

Second up is a wonderful and uplifting post from Buzzfeed. I challenge each and everyone of you to take a look and be inspired to do something kind to a colleague over the next month.

Finally, this is a post I’ve seen a few times and it brings joy to my heart. Not only is it a story of women looking out for each other, it breaks boundaries of colour and culture in order to demonstrate pure love.

Daily Three

1 I fixed my dad’s washing machine. Now I only have two loads of washing to do.

2 In a sliding doors of my life, I could have been in London and preparing to go back to a job that was eating away at my soul. Instead I’m snuggled up in bed and ready to start the next chapter of my life.

3 Book Post!!! Getting books in the post makes me so happy. Not all because of the freebie- the main thing I love is the fact that I’m helping promote someone’s work.

Goodnight all

Han x

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