The 10 O’clock No Doom, No Gloom

Happy Friday everyone.

In the News

First up tonight is a story of a 9-year old I’m sure all of us wish we could be more like.

Next up we have an amazing accomplishment that needs to be celebrated in the USA.

Finally, this post gives you 10 benefits of working with animals.

Daily Three

Yesterday and today I’ve found very difficult, mainly because I’m coming down with a cold or flu. I’m currently writing this at 6.30 on a Friday night while in bed. However, it’s times like this, when it’s hard, that you have to push through and find some positives.

1. I sat down and watched Hobson’s Choice with my Dad. He’s found this channel that’s playing old school movies. I’ve been finding them a bit hit and miss, but Hobson’s Choice was exactly what I needed today.

2. I’m hopefully going to see a sing-a-long version of BoRhap next Friday. I love that film and I’ll take any excuse to see it again.

3. My cats, Casca and Cassius, have been amazing the last few days. They’ve been snuggling up and purring away. Almost as if they know I’m sick.

Good night all

Han x

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