The 10 O’Clock No Doom, No Gloom

In the News

Auticon exclusively hire employees who are on the autistic spectrum.

A sweet little story about Maisie Green who has been knitting for her local dogs trust.

Another compilation from Buzzfeed that will melt your heart.

Daily Three

  1. My Hopper pop arrived. On my birthday, I was pulled out of HMV before I bought him and when I went back, he’d found a home. Worked in my favour because I found him cheaper online.
  2. I’ve booked my FREE ticket to the Northern YA Lit festival in March. There is going to be a speed dating event with book agents where I can pitch my Liverpool based YA novel and hopefully get some advice.
  3. I was asked to be a part of my first Instagram blog tour. I’m so happy to be able to help promote an upcoming book and I have some brilliant ideas for the photos.

Sleep well beautiful people

Han x

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