The Raging Moon (1971)

Length: 1Hr 51

Rating: PG

About: Bruce Pritchard (Malcolm McDowell) is a vibrant young man whose life is disrupted when he is severely injured during a soccer match and loses the use of both legs. Sent to a convalescent home, Bruce becomes sullen and withdrawn as he deals with the reality of his new state. However, when he meets another handicapped patient, the lovely Jill Matthews (Nanette Newman), he gains a new appreciation for life. The two quickly fall for each other, and begin a supportive relationship.

The Good

Malcolm McDowell shows a much wider range of emotions than his other 1971 release; Clockwork Orange. While the overwhelming intensity is there, the romance brings a softer side to McDowell’s acting.

The second half, the part that focuses on the romance of Bruce and Jill, is a delightful, emotional watch that’s not far from the feels of Me Before You.

The Bad & the Ugly

The problem The Raging Moon faces is that the first half of the film is way too slow and bloated with character exposition. There are better and much more economic ways to get across the history of both characters. It’s almost like watching two different movies and unfortunately, it runs the risk of people turning off before getting to the good part.


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