Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Length: 2Hr 15

Rating: 12

About: Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins forces with a gang of galactic smugglers and a 190-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel for the dangerous mission — the Millennium Falcon.

The Good

I loved Alden from the start. His charm, humour and chemistry with everyone. He IS Solo; I never once question his Solo evolving into Ford’s incarnation. The best example being the way Han tried to explain his way out of his first scrap.

My favourite thing is that the trailer threw me off about his relationship with Qi’ra… shows how trailers don’t need to reveal all. I also loved the added significance of the charm Han has always had.

The progression is a break from other films within the franchise: 3 years later allows us to move on with the story without the need for Han’s training. The war itself looked brutal and was an ideal place to pick up Han’s life.

NO DEATH STAR. I can’t explain how happy I am that the plot does not include anything to do with a Death Star.

CHEWIE!!!! That was the BEST way for those two to meet. Flawless and with just a hint of humour.

Beckett and his crew- biggest thing for me was that they pulled no punches. Yes, you know that x, y, z will survive… but if you show this before any of the others, I would think Han & Chewie were in jeopardy.

The shower scene- right tone/ humour and I’d say that’s fair to say for most of the film; which is exactly what you want after the comedy road kill that was Last Jedi.

Dryden‘ blades – fucking class. And not wielded by a Jedi/Sith: not so sure about the character, but I love the blades.

The lack of Jedi mythology is also refreshing. It changes the tone of the film completely, to the point where it feels closer to a western than a sci-fi. All the double crossing! It was just a good genre movie and it makes no apologise for it.

L3- sassy robots always work well in this franchise and L3 is giving Chopper, Animated Rebel’s dick of a robot, a run for his money. L3 is perfect! Rebellion ‘equality’. L3’s interaction with Qi’ra is just wonderful and something no other Star Wars could have handled.

LANDO!!!! Lando, I hate to admit, is completely pitch perfect and a true definition of pansexual without making a big deal about it. He’s always been my favourite character and I’m so happy that despite issues I have with the actor, I still adore Lando. Especially when he’s recording the Calrissian Chronicles.

L3 and Lando’s relationship is really beautiful; I love the frustration, the banter and the sacrifice they bother make.

There’s space for a sequel and things are set in motion in case, but I’d be satisfied with just this outing.

The Unsure

Voicing of Lady Proxima. Reminded me of the bag lady from Labyrinth/ chicken from Return to Oz and it’s always set me on edge.

The capes of Lando’s. ALMOST too far and close to Sabre territory fo me. While the man looked good in a cape, and still does, I don’t see him being a character that has it as a signature piece.

Maul reveal- the longer I stayed on it he looked a little off and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Also, as someone who hasn’t seen all of the animated Clone Wars, I feel a little like this is fan service rather than genuine plot. Side bar- I do believe, however, Maul’s resurrection is fully explained in Clone Wars. Plus, even I think it was a stupid move to kill off such an amazing character in Phantom.

The Bad

I’d like to have seen Maz on the ship; there was so much implied in Force Awakens about Han’s relationship with her that it just seems a little silly not to have it.

Lando pissing off- I need more of a friendship build between him and Han to believe that Han would risk going to Cloud city in Empire. I’ve always felt there was a deeper rooted history between them and even perhaps that they grew up together on the same planet.

Final Thoughts

This is quite possibly my favourite of the franchise. I find it hard to be objective about Empire as I went in to that knowing it was a masterpiece; where as this, this I’ve watched with fresh thoughts and no critical pre-Reading to influence my thoughts.

I guess only time will only truly tell, but to quote Han in this film: I’ve got a good feeling about this.


2 Comments on “Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

  1. As someone who has seen the whole of the Clone Wars and Rebels, Maul’s appearance makes perfect sense but I can completely understand why so many fans were confused. And I highly recommend you check out Rebels at least to see how Maul’s story ends which is quite poetic. I enjoyed Solo though it has taken me time to appreciate it.

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