The 10 O’Clock No Doom, No Gloom

In the News

In this first post for your reading pleasure, is the story of Roxy the cat, reunited with her owner 5 years after going missing.

This Buzzfeed post is ideal for if you’re needing a big dose of happy as the author gives a rundown of moral boosting events from 2018.

Finally, a lovely story about the largest Maine Coon looking after the youngest addition to the family in Wakefield.

Daily Three

  1. This morning there was frost. Not sure about anyone else, but I was starting to get a little nervous about how mild our winter was. That, and there’s something very refreshing about the first frost.
  2. I had a very productive morning and got quite a bit knocked off my to do list.
  3. Despite having a cold, I’ve been able to unpack a few more boxes before having a chilled day with the cats and Dad.

Sleep well beautiful people

Han x

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