Han’s Blogmas- Day Seven (Handmade gifts: giving or receiving)

I’ve actually been all about the handmade this year; I’ve drawn my Christmas card and made up my own Christmas teabags by buying all the bits and printing my own labels.

For people in work, I’ve made a Christmas trio of biscuits. They seem to have gone down well, the flavours I think Paul Hollywood would approve of, but the bake was not so great.

My all time favourite hand made Christmas/birthday presents have both been knitted; one an Otter called Martin, who has since been on many trips with me as he fits perfectly in my pocket.

The other was a Hufflepuff scarf that keeps me toasty warm even on the coldest of days. The giver, one of my beautiful friends, went one step further and penned me a letter from Newt explaining why I was receiving the gift.

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