Han’s Blogmas – Day 6 (when do you open presents)

Short and sweet, but they’re opened before breakfast and as soon as we get up on Christmas morning.

For a few years before my mum died, I’d get to open one on Christmas Eve. It was always pjs and given to me right before I had my bath and got ready got the evening film.

However, I’m not very patient when it comes to opening presents and equally I don’t like opening them in front of the giver. So often I’ll tell people I’m saving things to open Christmas Day, but temptation will mean that I open it as soon as I’m alone.

I once did this with all the Christmas presents I found; only I didn’t wrap them very well and I was told off. My mum was very disappointed because it was one of the first years she could spoil me and it meant I didn’t have any surprises.