Han’s Blogmas – Day Eight (What is on your list this year?)

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Today is all about my Christmas list. It’s going to be part in jest because I’ve never been one for writing a list.

5. A comfy reading chair. One that I can snuggle into and put my feet up to read once I’ve finished working for the day.

4. Tickets to see Christopher Eccleston in RSC’s Macbeth. I had tickets for myself and my ex to see Eccleston on stage last year, however for many reasons we didn’t go. I remember at the time saying that I was happy missing MY Doctor, because he was worth it.
I’ll never make that mistake again.


3. Tickets, and company, to see the beautiful and amazing Sam Troughton in the transferring play Beginning. I have loved this actor since I first saw him in Hex oh so many years ago.


2. A Bullet Journal, all set up with the basics and ready to go. I’m so rubbish at getting one set up and often so fearful of making mistakes that I never get past drawing up the first month.
I’d love be given a notebook with the basic layout done, with a starter kit that will help me add to the basics.

1. A relationship.
This one is not something people can wrap up for me, but I’m ready for a relationship. It’s not that I need a boyfriend. Hell, after the trouble the last one cause, you’d understand why I’d say that I’d actually be happy being single for the rest of my life.

Often, when I bring up wanting a boyfriend I’m told to ‘stop being desperate’ and ‘stop looking’ as if I’m some pathetic loser. I’m often told to get used to being on my own after breakups while I watch other people dragged out to speed dating and the likes.

Well, I’m not desperate, I haven’t been looking… and it’s okay for me to say, at this time of the year, I would very much like to have a bloke in my life. If he was ginger, that would a bonus.



One thought on “Han’s Blogmas – Day Eight (What is on your list this year?)”

  1. I loved your list. A cosy reading chair is a much and I hope that you get it. I’m the same with the bullet journals, I am too scared of making a mistake which is why I keep buying planners instead. Also you definitely aren’t desperate for wanting a boyfriend, it’s natural you want to spend your life with. I hope when you meet someone they are lovely, kind and are Gingeer too ahha


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