Han’s Blogmas- Day Five (Favourite Christmas food)

1. It’s not Christmas without Salt Fish. Boiled, slapped on a plate with a pile of thickly buttered bread. Watch out for the bones!

2. Sprouts. The contentious food item of Christmas is one of my favourites; if cooked well. As a child, they’d be boiled grey (literally) and having no flavour, I didn’t develop the dislike most people have for them.

However, today I prefer them shredded and fried with bacon and chestnuts.

3. Cheese wrapped in bacon. It’s a new one really, but ever since M&S have sold them, they’ve been on my plate for Christmas dinner.

4. Orange and lemon slices. I actually hate them now, but I still have to buy them. It’s not Christmas without them.

5. Pate. Any and all (maybe not fish). Many years ago, a boyfriend took me home to ‘meet the family’ for Christmas. Family turned about to be 20 strong and the mother had put on a (no word of a lie) 8-course Christmas banquet.

I’m not one to say when I don’t like things, so I ate everything. Including a home made pate. I couldn’t eat it all, but it was no longer on my list of ‘hate’ foods.