The People vs Alex Cross by James Patterson #gemreview @gemlovesbooks

The People vs Alex Cross
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Release date: 2.11.2017


I have been a huge fan of James Patterson’s Alex Cross books since by aunty lent me her copy of Cat and Mouse almost twenty years ago.

It’s been a long road, full of danger, love, kidnapping, shootings, serial killers, more love and every kind of emotion possible which makes it such a brilliant series.

This new instalment, The People vs Alex Cross, has several interweaving plots, the main one being Alex Cross being on trial for murder. If you haven’t read the previous books it’s might be a bit confusing as it mentions an ongoing storyline and reoccurring characters, however it is recapped in a way that would probably just mean a new reader would read and enjoy this and then backtrack and read the rest!

The trial itself was unbelievably tense. It really did feel like this could be the end of Alex Cross as a force for good. The whole way through the prosecution’s evidence was overwhelming and I honestly couldn’t see how Cross would retain his freedom. The not knowing whether he would prevail made it incredibly exciting and I loved not knowing how it would end!

During this, Cross and Sampson are walking a fine line to investigate the disappearance of several young girls, which once again throws them into immediate danger. They really are both amazing bad ass cops!

Both these main storylines and all the others thread together and touch on topics which are in the media a lot and it made it feel all too real.

I’ve spent so many years reading about these characters that I’ve become completely invested, & I love how in each one they become more defined as people.

The end of this trial is absolutely mind blowing & I can’t wait to talk about it with other book lovers!

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