Waiting for Callback: Take Two by Perdita and Honor Cargill

Waiting for Callback: Take Two by Perdita and Honor Cargill
Release date: 26.1.2017
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Elektra James is back and as wonderful as ever. She is in a new environment and getting used to new routines. As the book progresses, Elektra develops and grows to accommodate some of the pitfalls of teenage life, relationships and media interpretation.
We actually don’t get many new characters, but it was nice to see Carlo, returning from his brief cameo in the previous instalment.
He’s a decent guy, if not overly flirty. What I like most about him is that he never goes too far with Elektra and he responds maturely when she rebuffs him, repeatedly.

Taking off from where the first book finished, we get to follow Elektra on her first film job, deal with a long-distance relationship and some family grief.
It’s a brilliant afternoon read and I really loved the life on a movie set, even if it wasn’t always bright lights and big smiles.
The final act heartbreak had me a blubbering wreck and it’s a must read for anyone with a furry family member.

It’s just as good as part one; it successfully uses text and emails to develop characters and plot. In addition to this, we get the addition of media articles from a gossips magazine following Archie’s activities on his own filming location. It’s a stroke of genius and blends so organically into the books narrative.


I cannot wait for the arrival of book three; due for release 31st May 2018

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