Banished by Liz de Jager #bookreviews #Gem @gemlovesbooks

Banished by Liz de Jager
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I loved this book so much!
Kit was a fantastic character; brave, funny and very loyal and determined to protect Prince Thorn no matter the cost. I was captivated from the outset, the plot drew me in instantly and kept me reading chapter after chapter.
There is a quote in the book, “Everything you can imagine is real” and this is the perfect summary for this book; every kind of thing you could possibly want in a fantasy novel is done to perfection and de Jager’s plot and characters offer a unique and exciting story.
It feels like a truly modern fairy tale- dark, deliciously and totally engrossing. Each character that I encountered was brilliantly described and I can clearly imagine Kit along with the others. Please can some tv exec pick this up! It’d be perfect as a tv series for fans of Charmed, Buffy, Lost Girl, and any of Grimm Fairy tale stories.

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