Suits Series 7 Episode 9 (Shame) #TVreviews #Han

Suits Series 7 Episode 9 (Shame)

From IMDB:

Mike proposes a power move to boost business, but Harvey’s past complicates matters. Rachel is surprised when her dad offers a chance to join forces. Louis mentors Brian.

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So, we get the teamwork and the little bit of light but it doesn’t last long before the bullshit hits the fan and everyone is under hot water again. Some good scenes with Rachel and her father and Louis is yet again the strongest part of the show.


Louis has a tough episode in the aftermath of his night of passion with Sheila, proving once again he has the strongest morals of the firm. He decides to skip his meeting with the psychiatrist and help Brian on his case; finding delight in Brian’s aggressive speech with the opposition:

I want Mufasa Brian all the time

However, owing to being a new father, Brian fails to proofread his work and a typo means they are set to lose their case. Louis shows his angry side and tears Brian a new one.

This leads to one of the best character showcases of the series: Gretchen. She is incredible and it’s hard to believe she hasn’t been in from the start; she’s loyal to the core and often knows what people need, even before they do. She is also one of very few people who can stand up to Louis; including a very powerful scene in this episode.

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Side note- Louis gains many points in this episode. Firstly for ever trying to adopt cats for the office, and secondly, for the best help he could give Brian in the final scenes.

Harvey and Mike
It started off so well; Mike brings in a case with that confidence he always does. It’s about putting Harvey on the map. Except, in typical Suits fashion; Harvey and the opposing lawyer have a history that, surprise surprise, scupper their deal. Not only that; the lawyer in question threatens to reveal some dirt that would put the firm in jeopardy. Again. Groan!

One interesting thread being pulled at here is a deposition involving Donna. It appears we are going to get somewhere with the Harvey/Donna relationship this year, but I do suspect we will have to wait until after the hiatus to see it resolve.

I really do feel we’re getting her swan song. I’m loving the fact that she’s getting to work with her father, even more so that it’s not putting her position in the firm at stake.
It’s a set up for something that will resolve after the hiatus I’m sure and it’s good to see the show tackling diversity and how it can sometimes play out in court. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.


Bullshits count 6

God Damn count 3

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