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IT- 15
Release date: 8th September 2017
Han’s book review
From IMDB: A group of bullied kids band together when a shapeshifting demon, taking the appearance of clown, begins hunting children.


The good
The young actors were amazing and a perfect representation of teens today. I wasn’t sold on Finn Wolfhard as the sexualised Richie (Think Jay from Inbetweeners and that’s what Richie should be like. Unfortunately, Wolfhard’s words fall flat in their believability), however he was perfect for the other aspects of the character and a beautiful homage to Corey Feldmen’s Teddy of Stand by Me.

Sophia Lillis is truly incredible as Val. She portrays a believable vulnerability with a will to survive. Her attack by IT puts the Carrie prom scene to shame and is truly one of the creepiest set pieces I’ve ever watched.


I don’t think a bunch of kids have been well cast since the golden age of the 80s; they should be held in as high regard as The Goonies and Stand By Me.


The film makers had the sense not to convolute the plot with King’s “ingenious” method of riding Derry of IT; a consensual gang bang between Val and every single boy in the Losers Club.

There are some amazing one liners that have been woven in due to the time shift from the book; from New Kids on the Block to film references. I was the only person laughing, but I didn’t care one bit. Hit the film on a busy Saturday night and I’m sure there would be more people chuckling along.

The scares are there, especially if you have a dislike for clowns. I jumped twice, but that was more to do with the music than the plot. IT is certainly going to leave a lasting impression.


The bad
It’s quite annoying that the bits I quite loved about the film is what I feel did it a disservice.

Setting the teen section in the 80s was good; as a horror movie, it ticks all the boxes. However, in a post Stranger Things world and being a King adaptation; it comes across as a little cheap and homage-ridden to been enjoyed as it was meant. Also, there was so much rich social commentary to be gained from a 50s setting that I was really looking forward to seeing.

There was a little too much Max Headroom computer effects whenever Pennywise came out to play in the mid and long shots and some scenes showed too much which sadly detracted from the horror.

It’s biggest problem when it comes to the horror is that it’s appealing to a 15 audience. Up it to an 18 and they could have gotten a lot more scares in.


The ugly
Where was my werewolf?! Everyone has their favourite; zombies, vampires, werewolves. I’m a wolf gal; all hair, a bit of gruff and an understanding that we all have an off few days once a month. It’s there in the book, and I had no expectations. Except, ah bloody hell, they went there.

I got a glimpse, a tease if you will. My co blogger has insisted I quote myself from the post movie debrief; “I feel like Domhnall Gleeson did stripped in front of me, but stopped before we got to the good stuff” and it’s true. I feel so robbed and I only hope the intention is that we see it in chapter 2.


Currently, IT Chapter Two has yet to be green lit. However, it’s had a healthy box office so an announcement should be imminent.


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