Rick and Morty Series 3 Episode 5- The Wirly Dirly Conspiracy #Hanreview

Rick and Morty Series 3 Episode 5- The Wirly Dirly Conspiracy

AKA- Rick and Jerry go on an Adventure


From Wikipedia: At Morty’s request, Rick takes Jerry on an adventure to make him feel better. The two of them stop at a resort on another planet covered in an immortality field, which makes it impossible to die inside of it. Jerry encounters a creature who claims that Rick is responsible for his kingdom being usurped. The creature convinces Jerry to help him kill Rick, and gives him instructions on how to do it. However, when Rick apologizes to Jerry for ruining his marriage, Jerry changes his mind and escapes with Rick back to earth. Meanwhile, Summer at home attempts to enlarge her breasts, after a guy breaks up with her for another girl, but she ends up magnifying herself using a machine labeled “Morphizer”. Beth fails repeatedly to fix the problem and accidentally releases some creatures that were inside the machine. Morty figures out how the machine works; he manages to restore Summer’s size, and uses it to deform his sister’s ex-boyfriend, Ethan, for making her cry.

YES!!! Rick and Jerry episode! Immortality field, bad parenting and revenge death. It may have started as a ‘fake adventure’, but I really enjoyed seeing Rick and Jerry together. I think I’m going to be happy with any episode that puts

Morty- Coolezzz. Morty started the episode annoying the hell out of me as usual. However, by the end I bloody loved him. He stood up to his mum, worked out how to use the machine Summer finds and he is so uber chilled when dealing with Summer’s ex.

Please, don’t let this be the end of this Morty. In fact, I want to see this Morty face off with Rick.

Summer- Body issues. Once again, R&M are covering some gritty stuff. Yes, it’s not explored as much as perhaps some other issues, but it’s actually Morty’s response that is important. He not only tells Ethan, the ex, that what he did was okay. He even gives his mother a lesson on how to talk teen which leads to an awesome riff on Honey, I Blew Up the Baby.

Jerry- This was an amazing episode for Jerry. The adventure takes him on his own moral journey and, as a result, allows him to confront the biggest issue in his life; Rick. Jerry taking Rick on the Wirly Dirly and the fire fight that happens as a result is pure genius. I loved Jerry’s response to Rick losing his intelligence.

Overall, it’s a solid episode with fun sequences and an awesome final scene.

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