They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera #gemreviews #bookreviews



Han’s Review

I haven’t read any of Adam Silvera’s books before so I wasn’t sure what his writing style was like, but I was instantly captivated by Rufus and Mateo’s stories. The main dual narrative was excellent; they were each well defined and easily distinguishable yet blended together seamlessly.
The plot itself was scarily plausible given today’s advances in technology and I loved the idea of the Last Friend app.
The story could have edged towards depressing given the subject matter, yet it wasn’t at all, in fact it was the complete opposite; it was full of hope, friendship, love and really seizing the day. It genuinely made me think what I would do if I knew I had 24hrs max to live and whether I would indeed live my best life.
The book is insanely quotable and I can see people getting passages tattooed on them they’re that brilliant.
The writing is so descriptive I could see the action playing out and as it counted down towards the ends of the 24hour down of the book I couldn’t imagine how it would end.
I can see this being an incredible film if it was cast well.
I am now going to seek out any other AS books!
Absolutely totally amazing and I will recommend this to all my book geek friends 🙂

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