Alice by Christina Henry @Gemlovesbooks

Alice by Christina Henry


Whoa. Just whoa.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my all-time favourite books (almost every room of my house is full of Alice inspirations, and my friends always buy me Alice gifts) so I love reading different takes on it which delve into different parts of the world.

This book is not for the faint hearted; it’s dark, grisly, unrelenting and utterly absorbing!

It presents the well known and loved characters in a truly different light, and each of them gets an incredibly original story. I wouldn’t know how to describe this as “a really bloody awesome and disturbing re-imagining of Alice that every fantasy fan should read immediately.”

I would strongly suggest buying both books at the same time as even the 24 hour wait for me to get the second book left me feeling antsy, I wanted to know what would happen next immediately. You will not be disappointed!


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