The 10 O’Clock No Doom, No Gloom


Hey all,

Life can seem a little rubbish at times so I’m here to give you a little boost before bed. I’ll put here one or two stories I’ve found from the day before giving you my daily positives.

The first uplighting story comes from the Metro. Anything that has the media showing the truest form of Islam makes my heart sing. Our community is as fractured as it’s ever been, but these expressions of cohesion and unity will take us some of the way to repairing the damage.

This little beauty is just something I had to share.

Daily Three

1. My dad has rediscovered his love for Dr Who and reminded me it’s on and that he wants it on.

2. I’ve spent the afternoon with my oldest best friend and her beautiful family.

3. The number of people who’ve reached out to me since my post yesterday has really humbled me.

Sleep well beautiful people.

Han x