Ready Player One Tag

As with Grey’s Anatomy tag, I did a bit of a search to find one ready made. Alas, there wasn’t one to be found so I made one myself. It’s on the short side, but I find less is indeed more and people put more effort in to individual questions this way.

Describe your avatar from the Oasis
After many hours of going through handles that have already been taken I would probably go for something like H@nSolo My avatar would essentially have Faith from Buffy’s body, an elfin face and Ariel’s hair. She’d be dressed in clothes similar to Han Solo with Lando’s cape because you always need a cape.
Would you be a Gunter or would you be tempted to join the Sixers? Would you clan up?
I think I’d be a half arsed gunter. I’m really rubbish at puzzles and problems. I noticed as part of the promotion for the film there was an easter egg inside the trailer. I sent it to a friend after about 5 minutes because I just couldn’t do it.
I’m also not very good at computer games. I got a GameBoy when I was 12. I was told I had to complete the two games it came with before I got any more. I never got more games for it.
In my defence, one of those games was Super Mario Land and if you turned the thing off, you had to start all over again; there was no way to save. I got pretty far one Sunday afternoon while having the device plugged in; but 8 hours later I had a nasty headache and a nagging mum telling me to be more productive.
The other game was its sequel and while it did have a save option, it took me up until 2012 to get to the final of the game. That death match has still yet to be completed by me.
Last year, while dating a tech-imp he got me into Tomb Raider and I really got into that. Unfortunately, along with everything else, me playing the game lost its appeal to him and I didn’t get past the 25% mark after playing for about 14 hours off and on over 3 months. Plus, him shouting at me for being shit kind of spoilt the fun I was having.

Based upon all of the above, I doubt I’d ever be on IOI’s radar to be wooed into Sixer living. However, I wouldn’t do it even if they asked. I’d belong to a clan of people who knew me and liked be around for the company.
What sort of world would you most like to visit?
I feel like saying Pop Culture is too obvious as the book itself is a love letter to everything Pop Culture. However, a 90s pop culture ‘scape would be perfect. Get a coffee and hang out at Central Perk, Club Nights at the Bronze and have a book recommended to you by Rupert Giles.
There’d be an almost ‘Theme Hospital’ immersive game to play where you work alongside doctors from ER and Casualty.
If you want a change of pace, you can enrol in Starfleet before joining one of the three Captains that dominated the 90s: Picard, Sisco and Jayneway.
In the book, you have to become a character in a film. You have to be as word perfect as possible and gain bonus points for inflection. What film and character would you be most successful as?
I’m fairly certain I could be successful with any character in Kevin Smith’s Dogma, but for the inflections it would have to be Alan Rickman’s Metatron. That said, Alan Rickman in any of his roles would be quite fun to do. “because it would hurt more.”
The other film would be Jurassic Park and I’d happily take dealer’s choice as I’ve watched it so many times I subconsciously recite the lines now. “shoooowt her, shoooowt her.”
What five songs would you have ready to play while in the Oasis?
Aerosmith- Jaded
David Bowie- The Man Who Sold the World
Pink- Just Like Fire
Panic at the Disco- Victorious
Elle King- Good Girls