Resident Evil (2002)

Rating 18
Length 1h40
Release 27.8.2021
Director Nina DaCosta
About A virus turns hundreds of humans and animals at a genetic research facility into flesh-eating zombies. In response, an elite military unit tries to take them down before it is too late.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Now TV

The Good

  • The cast is incredible. Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius and Colin Salmon all pull their weight and make this a lot less painful to watch.
  • The dogs are frightening. Whatever they did to make them dogs look the way they did, really works. Incredible.
  • I love the set design of the underground labs. They are perfect for the action sequences and increasing panic.

The Bad

  • Some of the CGI isn’t holding up as well as other people might suggest. It’s not the worst out there by any means, and some of the scenes would not have been possible without it, but it does appear more like game play than film in places.
  • The use of Alice in Wonderland is so basic and superficial, I wished they’d just removed it completely. The work of Lewis Carroll is so well known and name dropped by all forms of media, it just feels underwhelming here. Especially when its a story about a woman who is uncertain who she is and she’s going into a world she’s never experienced before?

The Ugly

  • Gratuitous nudity of Milla Jovovich. Not once, but twice, this films has her out of her clothes and her cooch out. Just fuck off with the spank bank imagery.

Final Thoughts

It was much better than I remember, but it didn’t leave me wanting to watch any of the others in the franchise which is a shame really because most: Potter, Die Hard, Star Wars, to name a few, do lend themselves to a marathon of some description.

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