The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Rating 18
Length 2h
Release 27.8.2021
Director Renny Harlin
About Samantha Caine suffers from amnesia. Her mysterious past begins to haunt her, which sets her off on a search to discover her true identity.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Now TV

First Thoughts

I used to have a 9pm bedtime. Which really sucked because back in the day, most films on tv started at 8pm. It meant that I’d get to see around 35-45 minutes of any film my parent’s chose to watch.
This was one of these films. Die Hard with a Vengeance and Rambo: First Blood are two others that stick in my memory as films that I’d only seen the first act of. I don’t know why I never got around to watching the rest of this film, but I’d only ever gotten to the knife skills before being sent to slumber.

The Good

  • Another 80/90s box office powerhouse in the shape of Geena Davis. She not only handles the action sequences well, but also the duel personality and the shift from one to the other as the film progresses. I couldn’t imagine anyone better in the role.
  • Samuel L Jackson proves in this film that he’s leading man material. While it’s true to say he was billed rather highly in the third Die Hard outing, it being a franchise means the requirement to pull in viewers is not really on him. With this, however, it is.
    Mitch Henessey perhaps is no different than some of his other performances, but I would argue that without this film, we might not have gotten some of the others. It’s a solid performance and, most importantly, we get to hear him utter his favourite swear.

The Bad

  • The tone is off. I think perhaps that’s owing to a barley there plot and some really weird dialogue, but I’m torn as to whether this is a serious spy thriller or a dark comedy. This is not something I should be undecided on and it would have been quite easy for the director to have picked a tone!

The Ugly

  • It’s really messy and I found it hard to keep my interest in the plot. Part of the problem, for me, was that it wasn’t made clear who the main bad guy was, instead choosing to introduce another to replace the one that just died.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, other films have done this plot a little better. However, it is worth the watch for Geena Davis and Sam L Jackson alone.

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