Tone-Deaf AKA Killer Instinct (2019) Halloween Advent

Rating 15
Length 1h27
Release 18.5.2020
Director Richard Bates Jnr
About After losing her job and imploding her latest dysfunctional relationship, Olive (Amanda Crew) flees the city for the weekend, escaping to the countryside for some peace and self-reflection. She rents an ornate country house from an eccentric widower named Harvey (Robert Patrick).
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Own Copy but is available on Now Entertainment


  • There’s something off about the plot and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.
  • The addition of the son feels a little pointless, especially when there’s no real resolution with him in the end.
  • The dream sequences are at odds with the rest of the film. Normally I would find that fine, if not interesting. Perhaps its down my mood while watching, but it just didn’t work for me with this watch.


  • Robert Patrick and Amanda Crew made, or salvaged, this film. Individually they both provide solid performances, but when they have scenes together they are amazing.
  • The final act is brutal, but well worth the slow burn of the first hour. When the characters eventually end up in their fight for survival, you wonder if there was any way to get to that point any sooner.
  • The comedy is off kilter and that works for me. It gains that inappropriate ‘should I be laughing at this’ sort of laugh.
  • The breaking of the fourth wall is used sparingly and good effect, particularly that last line.

Final Thoughts

Not a film I’ll rush to watch again, but it’s a fair horror offering for fans of Robert Patrick.

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