The Addams Family 2 (2021) Halloween Advent

Rating PG
Length 1h33
Release 8.10.2021
Director Conrad Vernon and Greg Tieman
About Hoping to get closer as a family, Gomez, Morticia and the rest of the Addams clan embark on an adventurous road trip in a hideous and humongous camper.
Moon: Starts off as a crescent, going into a full moon
Where to Watch: Cinemas nationwide


  • Finn Wolfhard didn’t return. Honestly, I’m gutted because the person they got to replace him was so different.
  • It had a very Simpsons feel, in the sense that nothing from the first film had any standing in this one. A shame really, as I loved the characters we met in the first film and it would have been quite easy to intergrade them into the story.
  • What happened to having Kitty as the MGM lion?! (Side bar: I got very upset at the youngling who insisted, repeatedly, that the MGM logo showed a TIGER! Don’t worry readers, I did not heckle)


  • There’s some excellent horror movie Easter eggs throughout the film for eagle eyed adults.
  • The story is pretty decent; for both kids and adults. Elements may be predictable, but it is a cartoon.
  • The comedy is as standard as the first outing, which gags for kids and ones for adults. Some of the location gags are just brilliant.
  • While there are arguments that this film is not in keeping with the live action or tv offerings, I must disagree. I have found both offerings well within the spirit of the Addams Family.
  • Snoop Dogg is perfect as Cousin Itt. I do want to play his lines backwards to see if he does indeed say what the characters say he does. (Thank you Red Dwarf for enabling me to identify backward tracks)

Final Thoughts

Its a decent kids film with a fun plot and a wonderful story arc for Wednesday. While I doubt the box office will see a third outing green-lit, if we do I would love to see Pugsley have a bigger role. Even with, sigh, the new voice actor.

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