Underwater (2020) Review

Rating 15
Length 1h35
Release 30.1.2020
Director William Eubank
About Norah and her team find themselves in a dangerous situation as they work at the bottom of the Mariana Trench and clash against an unidentified species.
Moon: no moon sighting
Where to Watch: Sky Movies

The Good

  • The cinematography, set design and editing is phenomenal. There’s plenty of clever edits that allow for a progression of plot.
  • John Gallager Jr should be in everything. I love him and his character in this is no exception. Why is he not in more things?
  • Music. Oh I absolutely loved the soundtrack, score and general sound of this film. It all adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere.
  • The Suits! While I have questions about their practicality, I just love the look and the bulk of them.

The Bad

  • There are themes within the film that are not fully developed and it really does mean that the story suffers as a result. The two big things being the Alice in Wonderland elements that creep in, but never really develop into the allegory they could.
    The second is the Cthulhu Mythos. While some sources claim the whole story is based upon the Lovcraft writings, others claim that the creatures featured only took their form in post production.
  • There’s too many nods to Alien. To the point that it stops being a homage or Easter Egg and instead a straight out ripoff.

The Ugly

  • T J Millar. Obviously, he’s a dick. We all know he’s scum of the greatest proportions. However, the character is also a dick so he’s kind of perfect for the role.
  • Kristen Stewart’s portrayal is inconsistent, with the majority of her performance at best reflecting a bought of constipation, at worst a block of soggy wood.
    I did notice that scenes in which her character reacts with multiple characters are much better than when the camera is solely focused on her. The less said about the Twilight flashback narration, the better.

Final Thoughts

Its a pale imitation of Alien and Aliens with nothing new to add.

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