Poseidon (2006)

Rating 12
Length 1h39
Release 1.6.2006
Director Wolfgang Petersen
About On New Year’s Eve, a giant wave crashes into Poseidon, a luxurious cruise liner, and flips it upside down. As the ship begins to sink, the passengers struggle to find a way to survive.
Moon: multiple times during the first 15 minutes.
Where to Watch: Netflix

The Good

  • The cast they got on board (ugh, that was such an unintended pun) is incredible. From the big names to the up and comings, its a ‘what are they from?’ smorgasbord.
  • The increasing budgets and improvements in GCI and set design all add to this film. It’s a spectacle and there’s a sense of intense jeopardy from a lot of the set pieces.

The Bad

  • For a 90ish minute film, it doesn’t half drag, and lag and really have to work for my attention. Even the 15 minutes spent with the ship the right way up was just too long.
  • There are plot threads that never seem to have any pay off. The most glaring being the stowaway one. I may have missed it, because I did blank out in the middle there, but I’m not sure that Dreyfuss’ Richard ever realised Elena was bunked up with the guy he gave the shaft. (Okay, that one; I meant) It felt like it was a high stakes set up, that didn’t peak. However, I must say that Richard could have quite easily been the dick, but he was actually quite charming.

The Ugly

  • IMDB trivia. Oh God, who the fuck cares that Kurt Russell plays a fightfighter in Backdraft AND in this. Jesus! If the information is already there, don’t fill out another comment card.
  • This film spends too much preamble trying to make us care, that it has a negative impact. Fucking wipe them out, all of them. A film should never have you itching for the boat to tip.
  • That is not Holt, that’s just some Common bitch. Why on earth do we keep cutting back to the ball room? Again, I think it’s about making us care, giving us that bit of hope that they’ll survive. Hate to break it to you, but its all superficial and you never have hope, even if it was Andre Braugher leading the remainers.
  • There are too many names in the group that head up to the bottom of the boat. It means there’s no fear whenever they come to each puzzle of disaster movie proportions. Equally, though the death that is meant to have the gut-punch shock of the original doesn’t work because the character has been fighting against another lead throughout the movie.

Final Thoughts

Stick to the original

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