Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) Review

Rating 15
Length 1h54
Release 17.9.2021
About To protect an 8-year-old girl, a dangerous assassin reunites with her mother and her lethal associates to take down a ruthless crime syndicate and its army of henchmen.
Where to Watch: Cinema and Sky Cinema/NOW

The Good

  • The cast is incredible. Karen Gillan can hold her own as the female equivalent of John Wick. Yep, you’re going to see that a lot in reviews of this film because it has all the feels of John Wick. Only here we get it with retro tunes, neon brights and a lead who is much more talkative.
  • Carla Gugina, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett steal every scene they grace with their queer, fantastical and bad ass librarians. Its a library everyone would love to visit, even if you have be careful with which books you open. How they fit into the world of the Firm is unclear, but they offer such a sceptical, that you’ll forgive the film for that oversight.
  • Chloe Coleman, last seen in My Spy alongside Dave Bautista, makes Macauley Culkin’s old soul seem like hard work. Coleman really looks at home in this world were any children have to grow up fast. I cannot wait to see her in whatever she has lined up.
  • The action is amazing. They are complimented with the set pieces; from a bowling alley to the aforementioned library.

The Bad

  • The plot is a little flawed. Not while your watching, and not on a superficial level. However, I suspect if you spend any time thinking about the lulls between the bangs or if you chose to watch it again; the cracks will begin to show.
  • The violence won’t be for everyone and some bits of the action did leave me with a bit of a queasy stomach.

The Ugly

  • The hate that this film is getting. I don’t understand what movie people saw instead. Please ignore the reviews. Even mine if you need to.

Final Thoughts

John Wick meets Kill Bill, with the stylings of a Guardians of the Galaxy film. Switch of your brain and enjoy.

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