Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Rating 15
Length 1h 42
Release 24.5.1996
Director Wes Craven
About Maximillian, the last vampire alive, must find a mate to prevent the end of his lineage. He then meets Rita and tries to court her.

The Good

  • The opening act is all Hammer Horror and I love it.
  • The opening narration is amazing. I love the idea that vampires originated from Eygpt, that Max was residing on an island in the Bermuda Triangle until no more people came. Loved the set up, even if it does then lead to this film being a rip off of Coming to America.
  • The evolution of his ghoul, Julius. I love how archetypal Julius is to all the ghouls I’ve seen in films before, in particular the role of Ed Thompson in Fright Night (1985).

The Bad

  • The comedy falls a little flat for me. Yes, I chuckled a bit at Murphy’s “I’ve just had Italian.” when talking about Mitch Pileggi’s Mob Boss. After that, there seems to be a lack of Eddie’s usual flair.
  • Eddie acting against Eddie. Why does he do it? I hate it in Coming to America, I hate it in Norbit and I loath it in The Nutty Professor.
  • I’m a prude and I could do without all the sex. It wasn’t so visual, but the noises. It was audible, weird, dry humping sex.

The Ugly

  • Eddie does White Face. At least I think he does. I’m sure its him under the prosthetics. If I’m going to call out incidents of black face, I have to call out these too. The man is a vampire that can take any form. You want it to be a white dude, cast a white dude. Much like all the films that contain examples of black face, this is of its time. However,

Final Thoughts

It is Coming to America, with vampires.

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