The Post (2018)

Rating 12

Length 1Hr 56

Release 19.1.2018

Director Stephen Spielberg

About Publisher Katharine and her editor-in-chief Ben put their careers and freedom at risk to uncover a scandalous decades-long secret about the Vietnam War.

The Good

  • The opening of the film is brilliant. Portraying war is seemingly what Speilberg does best, this side of his career.
  • John Williams is back scoring a Speilberg film. It’s a beautiful, if not somewhat familiar, score that really lifts the tension a little bit more.
  • Bradley Whitford of the West Wing cuts his teeth on one of the film’s more interesting characters. He irritates me in his treatment of Katharine and that’s hard to do when you’re Bradley Whitford.

The Bad

  • I’m not sure I liked Tom Hanks in this role and it almost feels like the Depp/Burton relationship. I wanted to like him as this hard nosed character, but it felt like a lazy Tom Hanks performance.
  • It was a little busy. I get that there were a lot of people in play during this scandal regarding the Vietnam War, however I felt that the narrative needed a little grounding.

The Ugly

  • Is it just me, or is Spielberg playing everything too safe nowadays? Okay its a story about the first woman to own a paper, but its not ground breaking when so many other directors have covered this ground so many times before.

Final Thoughts

Too safe, too lazy and far too boring to keep me engaged for a bloated run time.

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