Collision by Victor Dixen

Published: 18th April 2019
Publisher: Hot Keys Books
Pages: 736
About: The third book in a heartstopping, high-octane new space series.
The Genesis Programme reality TV show has brought twelve young astronauts to Mars, to face unprecedented hostility. An even greater danger is now threatening Earth, but the viewers are too glued to their screens and the rescue mission to see what is really happening.
Leonor is ready to risk everything to bring out the truth and warn the world. She can never admit defeat – but can she fight her last fight alone?


This is quite possibly the best conclusion to any trilogy I’ve ever read. It retains it’s blockbuster feel throughout and you won’t want to come up for breath.
I did find myself reading this much more slowly than the others as I was conflicted; part of me wanted, needed, to know what happened but there was a part of me that wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this world, or Leo.

There are two new frames of reference for me with this final installment. Since reading Distortion, I’ve watched Capricorn One, which is this amazing American Consiparcy Thriller from 1978. Wow, the tone from the movie was pitch perfect for this final book and it has me itching to see this trilogy on the silver screen even more.
The other was Brexit. I know it’s been around in the UK since 2016, but it’s Collision that holds a lot of the political vibe and characterisations of those in power at the moment.

There is amazing resolves for all of our favourite characters and while I’m left feeling satisfied by the plot resolutions, Victor doesn’t hide away from adding new elements in during this final act, which allows it to feel even more like the world will continue beyond the final page.
The establishment of rules and laws on the planet is a particular highlight and does raise a number of ethical questions about creating an isolated society. It gives us some of the best interactions between the characters.

The writing, as always, is perfect and flawlessly translated. I’m hoping the end of this trilogy will mark the start of more translated work of Victor Dixen as his imagination is daring, challenging and wonderful.


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