Christmas Film Advent- Elf (2003)

“You sit on a throne of lies”

Watched via Prime Video
Length: 1 Hr 37
Buddy (Will Ferrell) was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised to adulthood among Santa’s elves. Unable to shake the feeling that he doesn’t fit in, the adult Buddy travels to New York, in full elf uniform, in search of his real father. As it happens, this is Walter Hobbs (James Caan), a cynical businessman. After a DNA test proves this, Walter reluctantly attempts to start a relationship with the childlike Buddy with increasingly chaotic results.

First Thoughts

I hated this film the first time I’d seen it. Will Farrell was an adult and it didn’t sit right with me the childlike nature he ran around New York with. I found it hideous and as far from funny as any film could be.
However, over the years I’ve warmed to it, and Farrell.  One of the last time’s I watched it was as part of a movie marathon inside the Prince Charles Cinema and it was a delightful was to end the night.

Nice List

  • Now I know who Farrell is, this is a charming and adorable film. Farrell, as Buddy, is able to bring to the role an element of child-like idiocy that he is well known for. He brings joy and laughter that ensures its a fan favourite for many.
  • The cast is rounded out by some amazing people; James Caan and Bob Newhart are the perfect straight face actors to compliment Farrell’s insanity.
  • The films progression through the story is well paced and with enough humour to keep it from stalling. The final act’s action sequence is a stroke of genius and who doesn’t love a cameo from pre-GOT Dinkledge!

Naughty List

  • I’m not certain there’s enough chemistry between Farrell and the barely recognisable Zooey Deschanel. It’s a shame because I remember her presence was one of the film’s saving grace’s, but now she grates.
  • I’m still not sold completely on Farrell as Buddy. The only reason why it’s not passable is because he’s a household name. I’m certain if it was an unknown in his place, I’d struggle with the story and question how wholesome it is.

Final Thoughts

It’s a lighthearted and sickly sweet. It’s perfect for a post shop watch and I’ll happily watch it again this Christmas.


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