Black Panther

The Good

What. A. Cast. Not only do Marvel have a phenomenal cast of colour, led by Creed director Ryan Coogler, they have pulled together amazing women and British talent. It’s release couldn’t be timed better. It’s award season and people of colour and women are thrown the PC bone. It can be argued that there is a lack of a body of work to gain the nominations.

Well, here’s a film showing what can be done if money allows for it and mainstream Hollywood takes the archaic rod out of its arse and fucks off the Weinstein’s of the world.

The plot doesn’t take itself too seriously, but also wraps itself in wonderful African culture and tradition. It stands out from all other Marvel films, and that’s its charm.

From veteran actors Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker to up and coming Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o you cannot fault the acting. It is Letitia Wright, playing the Panther’s sister who steals the show. Part Q, part royal pain, she is the lightness any action film needs and I look forward to seeing her reprise her role.

The Bad

As with many Marvel movies, it’s the villain that often has the film faulted. The problem this time is not the motive, but the execution of the primary villain. He’s revealed a little too late and at the expense of another. It’s a shame as it came across a little convoluted.

The Ugly

I’ve never been a fan of origin stories, the feel full of baggage. It’s not that I don’t need to know it, it’s that they either cram too much in or set the sights on the sequel.

Now, Black Panther tries to avoid both of these, but just can’t quite remove itself from the origin territory simply because it’s not only setting up a character, but a new world in which he lives.

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