Freshers by  Tom Ellen and @lucyivison ‏

Freshers by  Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison
Release date: 3.8.2017
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Description: Uni beckons. Phoebe can’t wait to be a fresher – especially since her crush from school will be there too. She’ll be totally different at Uni: cooler, prettier, smarter … the perfect potential girlfriend. She’ll reinvent herself completely. But Luke’s oblivious, still reeling from the fallout of the break-up with his ex. Thrown head first into a world of new friends, parties and social media disasters – can Phoebe and Luke survive the year, let alone find each other?


The two main characters work well together in order to tell this story of their first half term in York Uni.
Phoebe is a wonderful geeky girl who has a brilliant personal development throughout the autumnal season in a different part of the country, far from home. Her group of friends, and flat mates, are an eclectic group who might not have gave each other the time of day in High School. It’s true of freshers week and life in halls.
Luke is not an unlikeable character. You can see why Phoebe’s friends might have reservations about him; his actions are not those of someone you would trust. However, they are not privy to his inner most thoughts. While they are, at times, inconsistent and shows him very confused; it is perhaps a true reflection of a young man’s mind at this time of life.
Luke’s flat mates and friends re funny and likeable, but you don’t feel the emotional connection like you get with Phoebe and her friends.


The is so much to identify with in this coming of age plot. We don’t have the presence of any parents (I’m excluding those who appear through phone calls) and it really adds to the independent element of the plot.
While it could be considered a ‘romance’, I believe it would do this story a disservice to describe it at that; there is so much more to it than that. You will be very happy with the development of the plot, the twists and the final resolution.
I’m very satisfied with how the book ends, however I certainly wouldn’t say no to a sequel, spin off or literally anything that perhaps shows the final months of third year uni.


I love how much this book flows. There are two distinct voices; Phoebe and Luke. It would be easy to assume that the authors took a character each, however there’s a stylistic unity to the points of view that implies the writing was a little more complex than that.
It’s writing is flawless and engaging. I’m utterly captivated and curious about the writing process. There’s no literary indicators of there being two writers. I’m about to find out what else they’ve done and what is in the works.


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