The Lost Causes by Aylssa Ebree Schwartz and Jessica Koosed Etting

The Lost Causes by Aylssa Ebree Schwartz and Jessica Koosed Etting
Release date: 7.9.2017
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Misfits. Outcasts. And the only ones who can find a killer.

They’re the last people you’d ask to help with anything, much less a murder investigation. The rich girl, the obsessive, the hypochondriac, the addict and the hot-tempered athlete—people think they’re beyond help. Lost causes. But where the world sees losers, the FBI sees its only hope.

With the help of a dangerous serum, the FBI erases the teens’ past problems and unlocks a psychic ability within each of them. In return, all they have to do is help find the killer who’s turned their small town upside down.

But as they close in on a suspect, they expose a conspiracy that puts them directly in harm’s way and makes them wonder who—if anyone—they can really trust.

If anything happens to them, will anyone even care?

The five central characters are wonderfully flawed teens that are a reminiscent blend of the Scoobies from Buffy, the kids working at Empire Records and the detentionites from Breakfast Club.
The bring the book to live and are the key reason you become so involved with the book.

My favourite of the five is Z, but it is FBI agent and swoon worthy Nash that is my new book crush. He’s everything you want in an agent made to turn teen heads. Sabrina’s feelings and opinions about Nash also help you crush on him, just that little more.

It’s a crime thriller plot with an added supernatural element. There is enough mystery and obstacles to keep you guessing about who is the perp right until the end. There’s also enough tension to ensure the book is a page turner from start to finish.

It may take a while to get into this multi-person narrative. Each character takes on the voice of one of the five teens and it’s a struggle at first while you’re figuring out each narrator but you quickly get into the swing of it and it adds a depth to each character that you will love.

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