Suits Series 7 Episode 7 (Full Disclosure) #review #Han

Suits Series 7 Episode 7 (Full Disclosure) #review #Han

From Netflix:

Having lost Harvey’s trust, Mike puts his career on the line to drive the prison case forward. Louis’s therapist pushes him to take a risk.

Certainly, one of the stronger episodes of series 7 so far. A lot of the threads are at least coming into fruition, even if there is still a lack of fun or even team work within the firm I normally root for so much.


Mainly set inside a flashback, it was still in keeping with the episodes of the series. Intense, with no sign of any let up for any of the characters. It’s a hard episode to follow as stylistically there are no identifies between the present and past; except Donna’s hair. Instead, it’s all about dialogue.

This was equally the character’s best and worst episode. The reason being is that his story is set mainly within the time-frame of the flashback. I was at first very upset that I had to see the angry, nihilistic man on the warpath. Even with Jessica (Yes, another excuse to have her back.) he is vicious and rude.
However, I learned to love this arc, because it gives us an insight into how much Louis has grown over the seven seasons.
There are some epic lines from him too “Shrinks are for pussies.” To “Back the truck up.” However, it is the cringeworthy ignorance that leads the rawest, most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen on Suits. As a Jew, Louis takes an issue to his shrink’s accent. Knowing that he is a long-standing person in Louis’ life make his bigoted opinions a little easier to bare. Had the line “Oh my, you’re a gad damned Nazi.” Been uttered on any other show, I would have seen it as tasteless and cheap. However, they handle it with class and it leads to a reveal that breaks my heart and shows people how, even today, relevant Holocaust education is important.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience or empathy for any of the other characters now. From Mike continuing with the suit, to Harvey cutting him off at the pass. It’s the same story that has been dragged out all series and I’m bored. The flashback gives us some ‘excuse’ as to why Harvey must support Alex and not Mike, because we all know that normally Harvey would have suited up and had Mike’s back by now.
However, what I will say is that when it comes to that final scene, when Alex confesses to Mike and Harvey talks with Donna, the editing of that reveal is incredible. It’s dance-like and does detract from it being a complete and utter anti-climax. So, there’s a gun at Alex’s back. Great, believability about this level of corruption aside; it’s just too conceited. I can see where this is going; two episodes, tops, and Mike et al with have it wrapped up and dressed like a Christmas morning.

Final Thoughts, Predictions and Questions
Just a middle ground episode with very little progression for anyone other than Louis.
Inside that reveal from Alex, we know that the people involved are prepared to kill to keep this conspiracy covered up. My money is on Rachel, but Alex could be in the firing line too. Even comedy/legal drama Ally McMeal had a significant death and we’ve gone 7 series without one (I know there was Mike’s nan and Louis’ receptionist, but they are not part of the main cast. I’m talking main cast significant)
I actually want to see Louis try to adopt. I think it would ground him and I don’t want to see him in another romance just yet. Baby, then love I think will work for him. Uncommon, but I think it would work.
There needs to be a gear change with Harvey and Donna. They either need to get them together or she needs a romance. It’s too heart-breaking right now and I think she’s the only person who can provide us with the light-hearted romance.

Bullshits count- 4
God Damn it count-7

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