Hopes for the Next Decade (Written in 2009) #Han #ramblings

updated Sometime in 2012 8.12.2013 and 8.11.2014 and 26.8.2017

Lose the four stone I’ve put on since Uni (One down, three to go) (2.5 lost… but a further 2 put back on! D’oh) [8.11.14 Heaviest I’ve ever been- double d’oh]

Have Labyrinth ball for my thirtieth birthday (David Bowie being a guest would be the ultimate bonus) (Have a garentee that people will turn up and not stand me up like my 13th or my most recent leaving do. Seriously, almost 28 yet I still feel like that damn 13 year old that everyone hated)  Didn’t happen, I had an awesome 30th anyway.

Attend Hallowheadon (Buffy themed Halloween convention) at least once No longer exists.

Spend the summer holidays in America doing a theme park tour.

Go on holiday with Gem Gem

Go to the following gigs-

  •                 Alice Cooper (Going with a friend in November!)
  •                 Paramore (2013)
  •                 Muse
  •                 Daft Punk
  •                 Pink
  •                 Bon Jovi
  •                 My Chemical Romance (highly unlikely now)
  •                 Snow Patrol
  •                 Eddie Izzard (2015)
  •                 Mark Thomas (He was in the audience of a play I saw)
  •                 Panic! @ the Disco (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  •                 The Pretty Reckless
  •                Christina Perri
  •                 Lady Gaga
  •                 Katy Perry
  •                 The Who (had a chance this year and missed it) [Had yet another chance and passed up on it]

Have cooking lessons

Run at least a half marathon

See the Northern Lights (Ideally Alaska but anywhere really)

Go camping (2013)

Go to a festival- not bothered as long as it’s not Glastonbury (2014- Summertime thing in Hyde Park with McBusted as headline 2016- Slamdunk)

Go to Ireland

I want a Snood like the one Carrie has in Sex and the City when she goes for the Sleigh ride with the Russian.

Well, on that note I’d like Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair from that episode too.

To at least be paying a mortgage for my own house.

And because that’s too serious I want to spend the weekend at Alton Towers

Get through all of the Lord of the Rings books

Get out of debt (overdrafts and what not) and begin saving for wedding and what not

Break the world record set by the Fox network and 24 by having a marathon of either Supernatural or Red Dwarf!!!!

Go to London to see a West End Play- Ideally Little Mermaid! (Summer 2013: Rock of Ages)[2014- Coriolanous, Blithe Spirit, Holy Warriors, The Crucible… to name but a few]

Go back to New York to go Ice Skating [to see theatre]

Have ice skating lessons

Learn to sing

Get married to a man who meets my intensive criteria set out by myself and Gem Gem years ago and briefly revised tonight:

  •                 No shorter than Seth Green (5’4), no taller than John Corbett (6’5)
  •                 Ideally in a band, but must at the very least appreciate music
  •                 Must not have Ernie issues
  •                 Must not be confused or indecisive
  •                 Must be funny
  •                 And be able to cook
  •                 Must not have stripper best friend that he maintains he ‘could have’
  •                 Understand that I’m an insecure fuck-wit (like most other women)
  •                 Understand that I’m quirky as hell and I’m not to be change.
  •                 Accept that they may be my boyfriend/partner/husband but Gem Gem is my twisted sister soul mate!!!!
  •                 Be prepared to wear converse for the wedding
  •                 Allow me to watch Buffy for the millionth time.
  •                 Understand and support my obsession with Jurassic Park
  •                 Love Red Dwarf
  •                 Have a cool accent
  •                 Have longish hair
  •                 Be outgoing and impulsive

Additional criteria 2011

  • Be able to grow a decent beard
  •                 Into his music and at least tolerate MCR
  •                 Artistic
  •                Cannot believe that ‘money buys you happiness’ or brag about money
  •                Must be humble
  •                At least accept my geeky-ness (added bonus- be a cool geek himself)
  •                Must love Dr Who
  •                Know that I want a huskie Or a dog! Any dog will do
  •                Must accept that first born daughter will be names Evelyn
  •               Must accept that we’ll have a GemGem room in our house.
  •                Still want to have date night when we’re 60
  •               Must like Nandos
  •                Must like dinosaurs
  •                Must not be ‘festival Ken’, ‘Ernie Problem Ken’ or ‘Pretentious Twatbag Ken’
  • Must not be a sociopathic fuckwit with a god complex

2014- I’ll settle for falling in love.


be thinking about having a baby

Have my a-symmetrical/ Thelma hair again 2011

Written a fictional novel

Published a book that will help other aspiring RE teachers


Additional criteria 2013


Be head of department ish 2014 ish 1026/17 (I don’t want it any more)

Go to the London Premire of Star Wars

Now London based, I would like to meet (and get photos with):

  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Emma Thompson [Easter 2015]
  • Martin Freeman [Seen him in a play…. that sort of counts]
  • Peter Capaldi [potentially at the Paddington prem in a few weeks]
  • Matt Smith (Damn me not getting that ticket to American Psycho before I knew he was in it) I got to see it 😀

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