Patti Cakes- 15 #PattiCakes #filmreview #han

Patti Cakes- 15
Release date: 1st September 2017
From IMDB: PATTI CAKE$ is centered on aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, who is fighting an unlikely quest for glory in her downtrodden hometown in New Jersey.


The Good
Patti Cakes is a stylistically stunning indie underdog film that takes you by the heart. The protagonist’s fantasies are played out as music video clips and give you an insight into Patti’s figurative dreams. Even those people, including myself, who are not partial to the rap genre, will not be put off by the music represented in the movie.

It is a raw, honest and funny look into family life, the challenges faced in trying to make it, and how you cope when you don’t. It unfolds into a bittersweet final act that I challenge anyone to watch without tearing up.

Danielle MacDonald steals the show as Patti; called Dumbo by the boys in her neighbourhood, she represents the body positive character many women have been needing for a while. She crosses so many cultural boundaries and subverts the genre of rap without being a stereotype. The relationship with her mother and Nan provide the films core humour and heart.

The music is excellent, and not being someone who goes out of their way to listen to rap artists, I found myself making a mental note to check out the soundtrack come pay day.

The Bad
There are arguments that the film is a little formulaic and there are already comparisons made to Juno, 8 Mile, Muriel’s Wedding and Strictly Ballroom. While I can’t deny there isn’t those comparisons to be made, I would argue that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being put up there with the caliber of Indie films such as these.

It is also an updated look at the similar themes found within those movies; ones that perhaps would not reach an audience of today. With such an important message, it’s vital it gets an uplift from time to time.

The Ugly
There is nothing within the film that I can pull apart. However, what I will say is that it will be a terrible shame if this film doesn’t make bigger waves here in the UK Box Office.

In a world were we’re sheep and go in our droves to the film with the loudest bangs and the biggest star; it’s time to stop being a sheep.

Ignore any preconceptions you have as the door and watch this film for what it truly is; a bittersweet family drama showcasing talent, humour and a massive heart.


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