Rick and Morty Series 3 Episode 4- Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender #review

AKA- Rick does Saw


This standalone episode perhaps suffers from following Pickle Rick, but it’s the weakest of the series so far. The only saving grace is perhaps that, by the end of the episode, I don’t hate Morty quite so much as I normally do.

I must be honest, this is the first episode I’ve zoned out and found myself playing on my phone. Normally I’m glued to the screen watching Rock and Morty’s adventures unfold; in the past, it would have involved softly tapping my then boyfriend’s leg or arm when I found something exceptionally clever or funny. But not with this episode; It was somewhere between “You did Vindicator 2 without us?!” and “I’m a drunk, not a hack.” That I gained some more points on one of my games.

It is perhaps due to the number of new characters that presented themselves and the lack of the rest of the family; I didn’t care about these people. Which is probably why my attention was regained once the Saw element was introduced.

The episode is a true Ode to Morty. We’re given an insight as to what he must do when Rick gets ‘blind drunk’. When question Morty on how many bombs he’s had to disarm: “Too many Rick, too many.” I really started to feel for him.

Just when you think Rick is going to show some appreciation for Morty, we get a labour of love for Noop-Noop; a minor character of the Vindicators who must be a relation of Poopy Butthole!

Overall, a weak episode without any development for the series. Aside from a cameo from Christian Slater and some zingers from Rick, there’s very little that will bring me back to this episode for repeated viewing.

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