Game of Thrones Series 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch #review



I’m all caught up. I’ve had a very strange relationship with this show; from watching that very first episode the night after it aired and realising it wasn’t for me, to feeling left out as everyone else could get past the gratuitous sex, insect and gore to find something compelling beneath. Then I was convinced to give it a go by a friend and I binged. I got through the first five seasons in record time.

It’s taken me a little longer to get up to date, since I needed to take a break from it after I felt I was getting desensitised to the gore and horror of the show. Here I am though, up to date and ready to put commentary to the most recent episode.

There is so much crammed into this episode; this series is a Chess game with all its piece being placed in the right positions ready for the final showdown next week.

The final image seen in the last episode was Jamie sinking to the bottom of the lake, having faced off with a dragon. I haven’t seen such a bail out of a character’s fate since the baby in Walking Dead. It really was so frustrating to see him so easily recued. I wanted a little bit of peril damn it.

I’m happy Jamie is safe, don’t get me wrong but it just felt a little anti-climactic after spending a week considering the added anchor of his golden hand and its impact upon his survival.

I loved the “stupid boy” line and it made me chuckle for the very simple reason that it reminded me of Pike in Dad’s Army. So subtle and most likely unintentional, but it still tickled me no end.

Jon Snow’s respect for the dragons was a brilliant scene and it’s clear that before the show ends next year, there will be a strong relationship between himself and Daenerys. Both fan favourite, it would be foolish not to pull on that romantic thread.
“You go Jon Snow.” His moving semi-speech has finally got me seeing what the fuss is about with him. I’ve always put him alongside Hamlet in terms of brat-like characters I have no time for. Now I this new found respect for him, I’m quite curious about going back to the beginning.

While I don’t like the White Walkers, I do like the story arc they’ve provided and how they are bringing the houses together for a common goal. Sam is trying to get people to believe in their existence, but Slughorn won’t have any of it. Sam is fast becoming my favourite character now he’s getting out of Jon Snow’s shadow; he has such a good heart and intentions.

Unfortunately, while I’ve been waiting an age for the reconnection of the Stark children, I’m starting to regret it. Sansa has reverted to the brat I detested and the jealousy between the two sisters threatens to tear them apart as quickly as they were reunited.

The showdown between Jamie and Tyrion was heart-breaking. Having to open the wounds of their father’s death reveals deep seated emotional scars for both men. I have always loved Tyrion, but this honest and emotion declaration when confronted about killing his own father ensures Sam will never replace him.

It is when Tyrion declares there’s something more important than ‘bending the knee,’ you know what is going to take place over the next two episodes. Upon returning to the ship, Gandry is on board and ready to fight. I’m so happy he’s finally made an appearance as people predicted he would by the end of this series.

The final image cements the idea that this show is now about the next generation. The mantel has been past from the legacy actors from stage and screen and let’s just hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

Prediction for the Iron Throne: It’s more of a want than anything, but I would love to see Tyrion on the throne by the end of the show.

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