Absolutely Anything- 12A


Absolutely Anything is Bruce Almighty without the charm. It doesn’t know its target audience; too silly for adults, too many ‘fucks’ for it to be a family friendly outing.
Simon Pegg plays Neil; hopeless English teacher given the power to do anything by Python voiced aliens. Pegg can do this role with his eyes closed; the part was made for him. However, as a romantic lead he’d already set the bar high earlier this year in Man Up. Unfortunately the romantic matchmaking doesn’t work as well here.
Some of the cast and plot work really well, particularly Eddie Izzaed and Sanjeev Bhaskar as Pegg’s boss and friend respectively. However, the crazy ex boyfriend of Beckinsale’s Catherine is an irritating sub plot I could have done without.
The late and great Robin Williams takes his swan song here as Neil’s biscuit addict dog, Denis. As always, he is a delight to have on screen. His voice alone is a great and thankful presence on screen.
The tone of the film left me thinking about Hitchiker’s and the comedic element the book and TV show both had that worked so well. With a little more time and effort, this film could have made more comparisons.

Cast- 6
Cinematography- 6
Plot- 5
Pace- 6
Music- 4
Enjoyability- 7


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