Fantastic Four- 12A


Okay. I’m so not okay with this film. I saw the trailer and I was excited. I’ve been following Miles Teller’s body of work since 21 & Over, he so had me on board with this.
Now, my standards were low going into this film, what with it being out for over 2 weeks at this point there was no way to avoid the onslaught of reviews that have been plaguing this production. It would seem this is this year’s Godzilla.

The Good
It ends.

The bad
The film is too slow. I was checking my watch (note watch, not phone. Even with this steaming turd I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite) and it was near on an hour before anyone has powers. We’d had a thorough back story for both Reed (Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) that has no baring on the plot.
Due to this slow burn of a plot, we don’t have a villain until the last 30 minutes and it’s wrapped up so quickly I almost wonder why they had one at all. You’ll know who it is as soon as he’s introduced. I never thought I’d say this, but the Fantastic predecessor handled the origin story much better.
The final scene; It’s cocky and it’s tacky. It assumes there will be a sequel. It’s the one thing I hate about movies; spending so much time setting up the next one, they forget that they have a current audience to win over.

The Ugly
Kate Mara as Sue Storm and her god awful hair. Reading up on it, it was due to a wig and reshoots. Okay, so she’d not the first to fall fowl of a hair faux pas. However, when Robin Tunney making the Craft in 1997 can do it without anyone detecting the hair on her head is not her own, why do we have such a problem in 2015? It might seem like the Jurassic World shoe-gate all over again, but this annoyed me even more. It messed with continuity; sometimes she had three different hair colours/styles in the one scene. Not cool and it is these little blips lose your audience and make them think you don’t care, or worse hints that you think they’re stupid.
Miles Teller’s Reed. This character is meant to be the leader. He’s meant to be strong; the leader. The whole film is meant to be about the four working as a team. He runs away and we are to believe he’s gone for a year without being caught. I’ll admit, it does give us a nice little view of what is possible with his power, but it doesn’t achieve anything aside from dislike my protagonist. When he does return, Reed is too quickly accepted as the leader. The breach of trust isn’t an issue apparently.

It will be interesting to see if the currently 2017 slated sequel does indeed raise its ugly head.

Cast- 4
Cinematography- 2
Plot- 4
Pace- 2
Music- 4
Enjoyability- 3


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